About Us

TIGER ASSET GROUP provides asset valuation, advisory and disposition services to a broad range of restructuring professionals, financiers, retailers and industrial clients.  With over 40 years of experience and significant financial backing, TIGER ASSET GROUP offers a uniquely nimble combination of expertise, innovation and financial resources to drive results. TIGER ASSET GROUP’s seasoned professionals help our clients identify the underlying value of assets, monitor asset risk factors and, when needed, provide capital or convert assets to cash via a full range of sale channels.

In the Asia Pacific Region, TIGER ASSET GROUP has assembled an experienced team of chartered accountants, workout bankers, specialist valuers, e-commerce innovators and seasoned auction professionals.

We have experienced professionals at hand in each Australian State and Territory.

Our key functions:

ADVISE: we relentlessly pursue the most accurate valuation of our partners’ assets through leading-edge, highly-detailed methodologies combined with unmatched, real-world experience. TIGER ASSET GROUP appraises over $30 billion of assets annually. Our professional advice and opinions are backed by significant financial resources to help clients with liquidity challenges and disposal of surplus assets.

MONETISE: through strategic dispositions, TIGER ASSET GROUP maximises the recovery value of underperforming, distressed or surplus assets.

CAPITALISE: where appropriate, we participate in innovative debt and equity financial solutions to help underwrite our partners’ risks.