Value Of Service

Although some companies assume store closings are something they might be able to oversee along with their regular operations, we offer several reasons why it is to a retailer’s advantage to use a third-party firm with wind-down experience, such as TIGER ASSET GROUP.

  • The store-closing process is a specialised procedure in which different rules for merchandising and discounting inventory apply. Due to our understanding of the inherent value of the products in specific inventory categories, we are able to implement customised plans that act to maximise value for clients.
  • We believe one of our most important qualities is an appreciation for brand value. TIGER ASSET GROUP has the know-how—and a proven track record with other successful retailers—to close stores without brand damage to the parent company. Our expertise enables us to tailor programs that not only respect but also promote a retailer’s continuing stores.
  • TIGER ASSET GROUP can advise on possible additional opportunities for retailers to not only remove desirable merchandise from closing stores before an event, but to also bring in and dispose of less desirable merchandise from alternate and ongoing locations, subject to applicable law.
  • Each store is typically a sizeable operation, with payroll as the single largest controllable expense. From real-world knowledge gleaned from conducting other closing programs, TIGER ASSET GROUP has the know-how to trim payroll as sales progress in order to minimise operating costs during a store-closing event.
  • Local and state government regulations must be understood and adhered to in store-closing events. TIGER ASSET GROUP is familiar and experienced in assessing and dealing with these various regulations.
  • We have extensive expertise in the sale of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) on both a commission and a guaranteed-dollar basis.
  • Due to resources available through our affiliates, we are able to provide solutions for unneeded real estate (leased or owned) resulting from store-closing events. Depending on the circumstances, such solutions have the potential to free up significant additional dollars for retailers.
  • TIGER ASSET GROUP’S veteran staff consists of seasoned asset disposition experts as well as former retailers.

TIGER ASSET GROUP stands ready to guarantee a predetermined financial result for companies. We offer the flexibility necessary to deal with desired inventory movements in and out of closing locations in order to ensure the best results.