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Major Shipyard Sale Welders, Portable Buildings, Containers & General Equipment

Under Instructions from BAE Systems

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10 August - 16 August 2017

Online Auction Closes

4:00pm (AEST)


Lee Pulbrook

0499 993 285

Matt Travess

0499 072 388


End of Nelson Place, Williamstown

Victoria 3016

Car park & Site entry via

Battery Road, Willamstown

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Tuesday 15 August 2017

From 8:00am to 4:00pm (AEST)

Please ensure you are wearing

long pants & enclosed shoes


Between Monday 21st and Wednesday 23rd of August 2017

From 8:00am to 4:00pm (AEST)

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Welders & Consumables

  • Submerged Arc Welder, Lincoln Electric, Idealarc DC-600, with Lincoln Electric LT-7 Tractor, 415V
  • 3x MIG Welders with Remote Wire Feed, Fronius, TransPuls Synergic 4000, with Fronius VR 4000 4R/G/W/E remote wire feed, 415 volt
  • 15+ MIG Welders with Remote Wire Feed, Cigweld, Transmig 400SP, with Cigweld SP4000G Dockyard wire feeder, 415 volt
  • TIG Welder, Miller, Syncrowave 250, with Bernard 3502SS cooling unit, constant current, AC/DC, 415 volt
  • Arc Welder, Lincoln Electric, Idealarc R3R 500-I, 415V
  • Arc Welder, Lincoln Electric, Idealarc DC-600, 415V
  • TIG/MIG/Arc Welders with Remote Wire Feeds, Cigweld, Transmig 400i, with Lincoln Electric Suitcase 8RC wire feed, 415V
  • TIG/Arc Welder, Cigweld, Transtig 300 AC/DC, 415V
  • Electrode Ovens, including Derby Products & Methods
  • Oxy-Acetylene Plate Cutters including Beetle, Watani & Noike Sanso Kyogo
  • MIG Welder with Remote Wire Feed, Lincoln Electric, Invertec STT II, with Lincoln Electric LN-742 remote wire feed, 415 volt
  • Stud Welder, Scholer + Bolte BTH Tech, Pro-D 2200, with AS Scholer+Bolte PHM-250 LiftControl ALC stud welding gun, 415 volt
  • Stud Welder, AS Scholer+Bolte BTH Tech, Pro-D 1200, 415V
  • Stud Welder, AS Scholer+Bolte BTH Tech, 902E, 415V
  • Stud Welder, AS Scholer+Bolte BTH Tech, LBH 710, 415V
  • Stud Welder, AS Scholer+Bolte BTH Tech, 502, 415V
  • Stud Welder, AS Scholer+Bolte BTH Tech, LBH 410, 415V
  • Stud Welder, Koster & Co Koco, 1805i, 415V
  • Stud Welder, Hruschka, CD66 Portable, 240V
  • Pallets of Assorted Submerged Welding Wire including Esab Autrod 12.22 in 3.2mm & 2.4mm
  • Pallets of MIG and TIG Welding wire and filler rod

Portable Buildings & Containers

  • Transportable Office, Pacesetter, approx 4.8m x 2.5m, lights, single door, single window, air conditioner, 2x desks, bookshelf
  • 2x Portable Store Rooms, 20ft Shipping Container, split system air conditioner, internal wiring with switchboard, RCD and Lighting
  • Portable Grinding Room, 20ft Shipping Container, internally divided, built-in fume extraction unit with ducting, internal wiring with switchboard, RCD and lighting
  • 20ft Shipping Container, timber floor, internal wiring with switchboard, RCD and lighting, louvre racking to walls
  • 20ft Shipping Container, timber floor, internal wiring with switchboard, RCD and lighting
  • 20ft Shipping Container, acoustically lined, single access door to one end only

Unused Fuel Storage Tank

  • Fuel Storage Tank, Iapesa, LFD7500P, 7500L capacity, steel construction, single manway, Lifting lugs, unused, approx. 3400mm (L) x 1800mm (D).

Yard Trailer

  • EVZ Danum Engineering Tow Vehicle Bi-Directional Yard Dog Trailer, manufactured 7/2010, 2x steerable axles, hydraulic over-run brakes with park, pintle hook couplings, galvanised steel I-beam construction, deck approx. 11m x 2.8m, 10 Tonne SWL, 7.2 Tonne tare, LED tail lights, wheel chocks, KHitch 10 stud axles, 300-15 20ply pneumatic tyres.


  • LifeGuard 34 Generator Switchboards, 415VAC, 50-60Hz, multiple RCD’s & circuit breakers, 10/15A 240V single phase outlets, 415V 3 phase outlets & lighting outlets, mounted on galvanised steel frame.
  • LifeGuard 17 Portable Power Distribution Assemblies, 415VAC, 50-60Hz, multiple RCD’s & circuit breakers, 10/15A 240V single phase outlets, 415V 3 phase outlets & lighting outlets.

Workshop Equipment

  • Heavy Duty Steel Workbenches with 60mm Plate Tops & Vices
  • Stainless Steel Holding Tanks
  • Assorted Tool & Stationery Cabinets
  • Site Tool Boxes
  • Ventilation Fans & Ducting
  • Assorted Rope Including Natural, Nylon and Docking Rope
  • Trelleborg Chemikler Suction Hose
  • Electric Oil Transfer Pumps
  • Pallet Lots of Assorted Hardwood
  • Pallet Lots of Docking Rope
  • Pre-Cast Concrete Blocks
  • Fuel Flow Meter
  • 240V extension leads
  • Assorted Sundries including Shovels, Workshop Vacuum Cleaners, Brooms, Rubbish Bins and more

Relocatable Structures

  • Smokers Sheds, Fabricated steel construction, forklift pockets, bench, sheet metal roof and back, overall approx. 3000mm (W) x 1700mm (D) x 2200mm (H).
  • Temporary Roof Structure, All steel bolted frame, steel roof sheeting, overall approx. 14.7m (w) x 5.46m (d), 2.45/3.5m (h), approx. 4000kg, safety perimeter railing.


All Assets in this sale will be subject to a 13.75% (including GST) Buyers Premium which will be added to the sale price of each asset.


For the full TIGER ASSET GROUP Returns Policy, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, please refer to

Assets in this sale are sold “As Is, Where Is, With All Faults, If Any”


Plant Hazard Reports will be available onsite with the assets being sold. The attached Plant Hazard Report is provided for all minor powered equipment.

TIGER ASSET GROUP advises all buyers that all plant offered for sale may not be fit for use in a workplace. It is the buyers/owners responsibility to ensure that an operational risk assessment is undertaken, prior to use, and the plant be brought to a condition which complies with relevant State Legislation, Regulations and applicable Codes of Practice.

Please Note:

  • Persons under the age of 18 years will not be permitted onsite.
  • Visitors must wear a long sleeved shirt, long trousers and enclosed shoes at a minimum. Visitors will be required to wear hi visibility clothing at time of collection. 

It is a condition of entry to site that all visitors comply with any directions given by TIGER ASSET GROUP staff or their representatives. Work carried out on this site must be completed in a manner compliant with all Workplace Health & Safety legislation and any site specific requirements.

Removal of some items in this sale will require the satisfactory completion of a Safe Work Method Statement by the buyer / buyers representative prior to decommission and removal being undertaken.

A copy of a typical Safe Work Method Statement Template can be found HERE.




To collect your purchases, please ensure bring a copy of your winners email or invoice as well photo ID. On the basis you send a third party to collect your goods on your behalf, you will need to send them with a copy of your winners email or invoice, a copy of your photo ID and a signed document authorising to release the goods.


Between Monday 21st and Wednesday 23rd of August 2017 

From 8:00am to 4:00pm (AEST)

Any items not collected within this period will be deemed abandoned and resold or otherwise disposed of at the cost to the registered buyer. Storage Fees may also apply.


TIGER ASSET GROUP wishes to provide a safe environment for our employee’s, contractors and visitors. To assist in TIGER ASSET GROUP maintaining the highest levels of safety, visitors and contractors to this site are required to abide by any verbal instructions given by a representative of TIGER ASSET GROUP or the vendor and as a minimum, the following rules apply while onsite:

  1. Report to counter or reception on arrival and sign in. Sign out when leaving the site;
  2. Please observe no smoking on site (you can smoke out the front of the property on grass);
  3. No eating in the shed or outside of provided Kitchen / Amenity areas;
  4. Visitors are to be supervised at all times. Do not wander off unsupervised whist attending the site. Ensure no children are brought onto the site less than 16 years old;
  5. All attendees must wear provided ID stickers while onsite, failure to do so may result in being asked to leave the site;
  6. All attendees to this site must wear ‘closed’ shoes. Failure to adhere to this may result in you being asked to leave the site;
  7. If at any time you feel your activities may have compromised the safety of TIGER ASSET GROUP or its workers please advise management without delay;
  8. In the event of an emergency please follow the directions of assigned TIGER ASSET GROUP or vendor staff;
  9. Follow all safety directions, signs in the workplace and adhere to all site safety rules;
  10. Please ensure that you remain 3 metres away from mobile plant and take directions from TIGER ASSET GROUP representatives on where to load
  11. Under no circumstances should you operate plant and equipment on this site. All plant and equipment operation must be authorised by TIGER ASSET GROUP or management;
  12. Lease ensure all equipment brought onsite is safe for its intended use and design;
  13. Please ensure all electrical equipment brought on-site has been tested and tagged in accordance with AS3760;
  14. Please ensure that you are appropriately licensed and competent for the work that you have been commissioned. This includes sub-contractors you may use on-site;
  15. All contractors performing works MUST have completed a site induction prior to any work being undertaken;
  16. Please be aware that this site is under 24 hour monitoring by CCTV cameras;
  17. Under no circumstances are visitors to touch or handle any auction item lots during the inspection. For any assistance, see a TIGER ASSET GROUP Representative;
  18. No photographs are to be taken outside the Construction Hall. Failure to adhere to this may result in your camera being confiscated and you being required to leave the site;
  19. Please also be aware that bags and vehicles maybe subject to a Security search upon request; and
  20. Drugs and alcohol are not permitted on this site in any form. Anyone suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be required to leave the site

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