Urgent Expressions of Interests Sought

Approx 22 Tonnes of Beef

Under Instructions from Chamberlains SBR in the matter of Australian Wagyu Exports Pty Ltd (In Liquidation)

EOI Document

Expressions of Interests Open Now





9 January - 9 February 2018

Offers Close

2:00PM (AEDT)


Josh Hallowell

0499 991 875

Steven Laws

0419 202 701


Cold Storage Facility in Victoria


By Appointment Only  between 15-19 Jan 2018.


By Appointment Only with the Project Managers

TIGER ASSET GROUP has been instructed by Chamberlains SBR in their capacity as Liquidators of Australian Wagyu Exports Pty Ltd (In Liquidation) to offer by Urgent Expressions of Interest approx. 22 Tonnes of Beef.

Immediate offers are invited for stock held in cold storage in Victoria.

Immediate Offers are invited in one line or parcels thereof. Stock includes:

  • Approx 244kg Tenderloin (PR)
  • Approx 83kg Tongue (A)
  • Approx 517kg Striploin (PR)
  • Approx 472kg Cube Roll (PR)
  • Approx 261kg Tenderloin (A)
  • Approx 88kg Tail (A)
  • Approx 61kg Cheeks (A)
  • Approx 11kg Cube Roll (S)
  • Approx 719kg Striploin (A)
  • Approx 612kg Cube Roll (A)
  • Approx 11kg Striploin Pieces (S)
  • Approx 991kg Chuck Roll (A)
  • Approx 823kg Inside (A)
  • Approx 773kg Chuck Roll (PR)
  • Approx 709kg Inside Cap Off (PR)
  • Approx 659kg Outside Flat (A)
  • Approx 644kg Knuckle (PR)
  • Approx 610kg Outside Flat (PR)
  • Approx 77kg Flank Steak (PR)
  • Approx 24kg Rostbiff (S)
  • Approx 19kg Chuck Roll (S)
  • Approx 10kg Rib Cap (S)
  • Approx 730kg Shin Shank LP (PR)
  • Approx 705kg Rump (PR)
  • Approx 250kg Eye Round (PR)
  • Approx 184kg Shin Special Trim Mixed (S)
  • Approx 162kg Chuck Tender (PR)
  • Approx 156kg Shin Shank (Heel Muscle) (S)
  • Approx 122kg Mixed Cuts (S)
  • Approx 112kg Tri Tip (PR)
  • Approx 67kg Thin Skirt (A)
  • Approx 59kg Shin Special Trim (S)
  • Approx 54kg Conical (A-SHK)
  • Approx 52kg Thick Skirt (A)
  • Approx 33kg Shin Special Trim (S)
  • Approx 30kg Intercostals (S)
  • Approx 21kg Intercoastal LP (PR)
  • Approx 20kg Inside (S)
  • Approx 14kg Knuckle (S)
  • Approx 12kg Outside Flat (S)
  • Approx 502kg NE Brisket (A)
  • Approx 317kg Oyster (A)
  • Approx 227kg Oyster (PR)
  • Approx 20kg Point End Brisket (S)
  • Approx 13kg Navel End Brisket (S)
  • Approx 10kg Bolar Blade (S)
  • Approx 919kg Leg Bones (S)
  • Approx 54kg Patella Bone Lp ()
  • Approx 1100kg Leg Bones (A)
  • Approx 1003kg Leg Bones Bulk Packed (A)
  • Approx 42kg Neck Bones (A)
  • Approx 3300kg Body Fat Arabic Bulk Packed (S)
  • Approx 2875kg Body Fat Arabic Bulk Packed (A)
  • Approx 625kg Fat Trim


All goods in this sale will be subject to a 15% processing fee (exclusive of GST).

For example: Offer price $100 Inc GST + 15% processing fee = $115.00. + 10% GST = $126.50


For the full TIGER ASSET GROUP Returns Policy, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, please refer to http://tigerassetgroup.com/sale-calendar/ Assets in this sale are sold “As Is, Where Is, With All Faults, If Any”


Plant Hazard Reports will be available onsite with the assets being sold. The attached Plant Hazard Reports are provided for all power tools along with office IT equipment. Clear identification and marking to identify that the plant item is only suitable for scrap or spare parts. TIGER ASSET GROUP advises all buyers that all plant offered for sale at auction may not be fit for use in a workplace. It is the buyers/owners responsibility to ensure that an operational risk assessment is undertaken, prior to use, and the plant be brought to a condition which complies with relevant State Legislation, Regulations and applicable Codes of Practice.

Note: Persons under the age of 18 years will not be permitted onsite. Tradespeople eg; electricians, plumbers, refrigeration mechanics etc will be required to produce the relevant licence before commencing work on site. Riggers, Forklift and Crane Drivers etc will be required to produce the relevant license before commencing work on site.

It is a condition of entry to site that all visitors comply with any directions given by TIGER ASSET GROUP staff or their representatives. Work carried out on this site must be completed in a manner compliant with all Workplace Health & Safety legislation. All power tools and equipment used on site must be tested (tagged) safe for use in accordance with AS3760 service testing and inspection of electrical equipment.

TIGER ASSET GROUP will specify, based on the hazards present on the site, the mandatory personal protective equipment required to be worn prior to approval being given for entry to the site. (eg; safety footwear, safety eyewear, hard hats etc) The use of certified equipment, harnesses, work platforms etc will be required for any work carried out above 1.8metres. Enclosed footwear must be worn onsite – Safety boots will be required at industrial sites. Entry to third party sites will be subject to the site controllers specific site requirements.

Removal of some Items in this sale will require the satisfactory completion of a Safe Work Method Statement by the buyer / buyers representative prior to decommission and removal being undertaken. A copy of TIGER ASSET GROUP’s  Safe Work Method Statement Template can be found HERE.



To collect your purchase, please ensure bring a copy of your invoice as well photo ID. On the basis you send a third party to collect your stock on your behalf, you will need to send them with a copy of your invoice, a copy of your photo ID and a signed document authorising to release the goods.


ASAP By Appointment Only with the Project Manager

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