Major Event Insolvency

Broens CNC Engineering & Manufacturing Equip Insolvency – Auction 1

Under Instructions from Trevor Pogroske & Philip Campbell-Wilson of Ernst & Young in the Matter of Broens Pty Limited (Administrators Appointed)

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2 February - 8 February 2017

Online Auction Closes

3:00pm (AEDT)


Lee Pulbrook

0499 993 285

Matt Travess

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20 Williamson Road Ingleburn, NSW 2565

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Monday 6th February 2017

8:30am – 4:00pm (AEDT)


Thursday 9th to Thursday 23rd February 2017 (Excluding weekends)

8:00am – 4:30pm (AEDT)

2008 Breton CNC Fly Mill 1000 2T

CNC Mill, Breton , Model: Fly Mill 1000 2T, Serial Number: 41124, Date of Manufacture: 2008, X-2.5m, Y-4.5m, Z-1.0m, 30 Tool carousel with Heidenhain CNC control console, Computer control, Electrical cabinets, Underground swarf conveyors

2003 Breton CNC Machining Centre Matrix 800

CNC Machining Centre, Breton, Model: Matrix 800 K252T, Serial Number: 11250, Date of Manufacture: 2003, 5 Axis, Hi-speed, 25000 RPM Spindle, X-2500mm, Y-2000mm, Z-800mm, Load-10 tonne/m2, Selca S404PD controller with remote control, 30 Tool, Full set tools

CNC Lathes

CNC Lathe, Mazak , Model: Integrex 300-IV Inte300-4, Serial Number: 200905, Date of Manufacture: 2007 (Dec), Mazak Mazatrol Matrix CNC controller, With “Voice Advisor” Install date: January 2008 With tsubaki Swarf conveyor

CNC Lathe, Okuma , Model: Space Turn LB400-M, Serial Number: 116931

CNC Lathe, Gildemeister, Model: NEF400, Serial Number: 0171000149A, Date of Manufacture: 2005, 8 Head tool changer, with CNC console

CNC Slant Bed Lathe, Okuma, Model: LU15, Serial Number: 07040271, Date of Manufacture: 1995, Twin turret, 8+11 lool, Full set tools, 350mm diameter x600mm, Swarf conveyor

CNC Mills / Borers

CNC Mill, Deckel Maho, Model: DMU70, Serial Number: 15435713184, Date of Manufacture: 2007 with Heidenhain iTNC530 CNC control console and pendant control, 16 head tool carousel

CNC Mill, Deckel Maho, Model: DMU50, Serial Number: 11415544794, Date of Manufacture: 2005 with 16 head tool changer carousel, Heidenhain iTNC350 CNC mill control console, Pendant control

CNC Mill, Deckel Maho, Model: DMU35, Serial Number: 11065358344, Date of Manufacture: 2005 with Heidenhain CNC control console pendant control

CNC Travelling Column Milling Machine, Zayer, Model: KM6000, Serial Number: 61027, Date of Manufacture: 1993, X-4800mm, Y-1200mm, Z-2000mm, Heidenhain 407 CNC controller, 6m T-slot bed, Swarf conveyor

CNC Horizontal Borer, Toshiba Shibaura, Model: BTD 110 R16, Serial Number: 143835, Date of Manufacture: 1997, 60 Tool, X-2000mm, Y-1500mm, Z-1450mm, W-500mm, Traveling bed, Tosnuc model T888 controller, Swarf conveyor

CNC Horizontal Borer, Toshiba Shibaura, Model: BTD200QE, Serial Number: 441684, Date of Manufacture: 1997, 60 Tool, X-1200mm, Y-800mm, Z-700mm, W-400mm, 2.5 Tonne, Traveling bed, Tosnuc model T777 controller, Swarf conveyor

CNC Milling and Boring Machine, Mitsubishi, Model: M-HT 11/1618, Serial Number: G51900, Date of Manufacture: 1998, 40 Tool, X-2000mm, Y-2000mm, Z-1300mm, Fanuc 15-MB controller with pendant control, Meiji airpax, Compressor, Dryer & Swarf conveyor

CNC Bed Milling Machine, Nicolas Correa, Model: CF20/20, Serial Number: 9691706, Date of Manufacture: 1996, Model UF20 head, Heidenhain 426 controller, X-800mm, Y-800mm, Z-2000mm

CNC Bed Milling Machine, Nicolas Correa, Model: CF22/25, Serial Number: 9670301, Date of Manufacture: 1996, Model U22 head, Heidenhain controller

CNC Gantry Production Mills

Twin Gantry Travelling CNC Production Mill, approx 18m x 3m Bed, Special purpose built machine, Broens refurb/design of 2 Toshiba Shibaura V3-2500B machines, 2 Sets Fanuc controls twin head, 5 axis traveling operators control platforms

CNC Production Mill , Custom Built Traveling Gantry, Approx 15m x 5.5m bed, 2.5m vertical capacity, Broens manufactured from SNK mill traveling operators platform, Heidenhain CNC control console

CNC Machining Centres

Horizontal Machining Centre, Mitsui Seiki, Model: HU80A, Serial Number: 116, Fanuc 16-M CNC control twin pallet feeder, Swarf conveyor, with associated power supplies, Operators platforms

CNC Verticial Machining Centre, Makino, Model: V55, Serial Number: V55-A25,251-97-7, Date of Manufacture: 1997, 25 Tool, Pro 3 controller, With swarf conveyor

CNC Vertical Machining Centre, Mitsubishi, Model: M-V70E, Serial Number: CV6341, Date of Manufacture: 1998, 24 tool, 1259 x 700 x 1350mm, 12,000 RPM, Fanuc KR-32D controller, Swarf conveyor

CNC Machining Centre, Okuma, Model: MC-5VA, Serial Number: 61050399, Date of Manufacture: 1986, 20 Tool, 500 x 1049 x 512mm, Okuma OSP 5000M-G controller

Vertical Precision Machining Centre, Mitsubishi, Model: M-VS 20/15, Serial Number: Q51430, Date of Manufacture: 1998, Double column, 30 Tool changer, 4200 x 2000 x 1350mm, 15 Tonne, 8,000 RPM, Fanuc KR32D controller, Enhanced 5 face machining capability, Including Comg CLD110-8.5D Reapro compressor/dryer, Approx 4.8 x 1.8 traveling bed


All Assets in this sale will be subject to a 13.75% (including GST) Buyers Premium which will be added to the bid price of each lot.


For the full TIGER ASSET GROUP Returns Policy, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, please refer to TIGER ASSET GROUP’s Terms & Conditions.

Assets in this sale are sold “As Is, Where Is, With All Faults, If Any”


Plant Hazard Reports will be available onsite with the assets being sold. The attached Plant Hazard Reports are provided for all powered equipment. Clear identification and marking to identify that the plant item is only suitable for scrap or spare parts will be provided for such items.

TIGER ASSET GROUP advises all buyers that all plant offered for sale at auction may not be fit for use in a workplace. It is the buyers/owners responsibility to ensure that an operational risk assessment is undertaken, prior to use, and the plant be brought to a condition which complies with relevant State Legislation, Regulations and applicable Codes of Practice.

Note: Persons under the age of 18 years will not be permitted onsite. Visitors must wear Hi-vis vest and enclosed shoes at a minimum.

Tradespeople / Contractors eg; electricians, plumbers, refrigeration mechanics, Riggers, forklift operators & Machinery Dismantlers etc will be required to produce their relevant licences and insurances before commencing work on site. All buyers / buyers contractors performing work onsite must complete the attached Site Induction prior to commencing work onsite. Passing of the Site Induction process is required prior to working on site at Broens.

It is a condition of entry to site that all visitors comply with any directions given by TIGER ASSET GROUP staff or their representatives. Work carried out on this site must be completed in a manner compliant with all Workplace Health & Safety legislation.

All power tools and equipment used on site must be tested (tagged) safe for use in accordance with AS3760 service testing and inspection of electrical equipment.

TIGER ASSET GROUP specifies, based on the hazards present on the site, the mandatory personal protective equipment required to be worn prior to approval being given for entry to the site includes; safety footwear, Hi Visibility Clothing, and in some cases also Safety Eyewear and hard hats etc).

The use of certified equipment, harnesses, work platforms etc will be required for any work carried out above 1.8metres. Enclosed footwear must be worn onsite – Safety boots will be required at industrial sites. Entry to third party sites will be subject to the site controllers specific site requirements. Removal of some Items in this sale will require the satisfactory completion of a Safe Work Method Statement by the buyer / buyers representative prior to decommission and removal being undertaken.

A copy of TIGER ASSET GROUP’s  Safe Work Method Statement Template can be found HERE.

Customer Pickup


To collect your purchases, please ensure bring a copy of your winners email or invoice as well photo ID. On the basis you send a third party to collect your goods on your behalf, you will need to send them with a copy of your winners email or invoice, a copy of your photo ID and a signed document authorising to release the goods to this party.

Collection Timeframe

Thursday 9th to Thursday 23rd February 2017. From 8:00am – 4:30pm (AEDT) 

Any items not collected within this period will be deemed abandoned and resold or otherwise disposed of at the cost to the registered buyer. Storage Fees may also apply.


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