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13 July - 18 July 2018

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Nelson Kennedy

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44 Hope Valley Road, Naval Base WA 6165

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Tuesday 17th July, 10am – 4pm


Monday 23rd July –  Friday 27th July 9:00am – 4:00pm

Scrap Tipper Combination 1 (Lot 100)

Lot includes the following Truck/Dolly/Dog Trailer Combination. All items are sold as a combination and will be sold registered for WA buyers.

  • Truck: 2015 Folvo FH Series 4 Prime Mover, 8×4, 540HP, Automatic Transmission, 121T GCM, A/C Sleeper Cab, Bullbar, Fitted with a 55M3 Hardox tipping body.
  • Dolly: 2008 QPT DOL 16 18T ATM Bogie Axle
  • Tipper Trailer: 2014 Longhorn Engineering 70m3 Tri-axle End Tipping Trailer, 42T ATM.

Scrap Tipper Combination 2 (Lot 101)

Lot includes the following Truck/Dolly/Dog Trailer Combination. All items are sold as a combination and will be sold registered for WA buyers.

  • Truck: 2014 Iveco Stralis AD Prime Mover, 8×4, 500HP, Automatic Transmission, Bullbar, Airbag Suspension,Fitted with 55M3 Hardox tipping body , GCM: 90 Tonne, 35T Payload
  • Dolly: 18T ATM Bogie Axle
  • Tipper Trailer: 2013 Longhorn Engineering 75m3 Tri-axle End Tipping Trailer, 42T ATM.

Scrap Tipper Combination 3 (Lot 102)

Lot includes the following Truck/Dolly/Dog Trailer Combination. All items are sold as a combination and will be sold registered for WA buyers.

  • Truck: 2014 Iveco Stralis AD Prime Mover, 8×4, 500HP, Automatic Transmission, Bullbar, Airbag Suspension,Fitted with 55M3 Hardox tipping body , GCM: 90 Tonne, 35T Payload
  • Dolly: 18T ATM Bogie Axle
  • Tipper Trailer: 2014 Longhorn Engineering 75m3 Tri-axle End Tipping Trailer, 42T ATM, Leaf Spring Suspension, Tyres: 60-70%, K-Hitch landing legs, Hyva Ram.

Grain Tipper Combination 1

Lot includes the following Lead/Dolly/B Grain Trailer Combination. All items are sold as a combination and will be sold registered for WA buyers.

  • Lead Trailer: 1996 Haulmore HTS Tri-10 End Tipping Grain Trailer, 34T ATM, Jost Landing Legs, Spider Rims
  • Dolly: 1996 Lortone Gardens Bogie Axle Dolly, 16.5T ATM, Spider Rims
  • B-Trailer: 1996 Lortone Gardens Tri-axle End Tipping Grain Trailer, 35T ATM, Spider Rims

Grain Tipper Combination 2

Lot includes the following Lead/Dolly/B Grain Trailer Combination. All items are sold as a combination and will be sold registered for WA buyers.

  • Lead Trailer: 2008 Bailey’s Body Builders Grain Trailer, 45T ATM, Condition: Good, Ring Feder Hitch, Tyres: Good
  • Dolly: 2009 Custom Quip Engineering Tri-Axle Dolly,  23.5T ATM, Leaf Spring Suspension
  • B-Trailer: 2008 Bailey’s Body Builders Grain Trailer, 45T ATM, Condition: Good, Tyres: Good

Prime Movers

  • 2007 Sterling Lt9500, 6×4, 90T GCM, Air Bag Susp, Fire Extinguishers, Tyres: 70%, Wind Breaker Hood, Automatic Transmission, Day Cab, PTO, 2-Way Radios, Cond: Good
  • 2014 Iveco Powerstar ATN 550, 6×4, Eaton Fuller Manual Transmission, Bulbar, Long Nose Cab, A/C Sleeper Cab w/ double bunk,Windbreaker Hood
  • 2009 Freightliner FLX/CST120, 6×4, 130T GCM,Bonneted Cat Alert 6 Cyl, 550HP, 18 SP/R/R, Air Bag Suspension, Windbreaker Hood, A/C Sleeper Cab, Manual Transmission Cond: Good
  • 2007 Mack CX Vision, 6×4, 70T GCM, Sleeper cab, Manual Transmission
  • Iveco 3500, 4×2, Eaton Fuller Manual Transmission, 42.5T GCM, Day Cab, PTO, 10 Stud Rims



  • 2012 Kone SMV 28-1200B Container Forklift, 28 Tonne capacity, 4.4m Mast, Extra long tynes, Machine height: 4.26m, 1.2m Load centre, A/C cab, Fire extinguisher, Beacons and exterior lights, Rams: good, Tyres: 16.00-25 @70%, Powered by a 6 cylinder straight turbo diesel engine.
  • C1990 Komatsu FD80-3 Forklift, 6 Tonne Capacity, Tyres Bridgestone Radial 9.00R20 @ 50%, Exterior Worklights, Diesel Power, Fire Extinguisher, Max height 6m, Komatsu engine
  • Hyster H35.00F Container Forklift, Powered by a 6 cyl Straight Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine, Fork Tynes, Isolators, Beacons, Exterior Worklights, Max height: 7.15m, Max Capacity: 31T, Fire Extinguishers
  • Hyster H44-00E-16CH 36T Forklift, With 20′ Container attachment (Dismantled for transport)
  • 2011 Clarke C30D, Container mast, Solid tyres, Diesel Power, 4 Valve, Side Shift & scales

Earthmoving & Mobile Plant

  • 2014 Doosan DX225LC Excavator, Beacons, Isolator, Exterior Worklights, A/C Cab, Tracks: 80%, Fire Suppression, Quick Hitch, Condition: VG, GP Bucket Included.
  • Grierson Ford GE10 Yard Crane, 8 Tonne Capacity, Powered by a 6 Cyl Straight New Holland 666 Engine, New Battery, Beacons, Exterior Worklights, Tyres Front: 14.00-20 @ 50%, Tyres Rear: 18.4-30 @ 70%, Winch, Disk brakes, Aircon
  • Caterpillar 330DL Excavator, A/C Cab/ Windscreen Rock Guard, ROPS/FOPS, Engine Turbo Time, Note: No stick or bucket
  • Komatsu PC350-6 Excavator, Cab Condition: VG, Windscreen Rockguard, Isolator, Beacons: Tracks: 50%, Note: No stick or bucket
  • 2007 Franna AT20 Mobile Crane, Powered by a Mercedes Engine, EN: 906-965-00-59567, Hummingbird Electronics Pitch/Roll, Reversing Camera, 2x SRM 9022 2-way Handsets, A/C Cabin, Overhead Protection, Isolators, Beacons, Fire Extinguisher, Wheel Chocks, Exterior Worklights, Tyres: 12.00-20 @ 60%, New hoist Rams, Mine spec
  • 2003 Leibherr L574 Wheel Loader, Fitted with approx 4.5m3/ 25T GP Bucket, 195kw Power, Max Speed: 40km/h, Total Capacity 25.5T, beacons, A/C Cabin, Fire Extinguishers, Exterior worklights, Michelin 26.5R25 Tyres @ 70%, ROPS/FOPS
  • Caterpillar D6HXL Dozer, Series II, Powered by a CAT 3306DI Engine, Exterior Worklights, Rams: Good, Protective Cabin Structure, Tracks: 80%, 2.5m Blade, C/W: 3x Rear Multi-Shank Ripper attachment
  • 2005 Leibherr 934B Wheel Excavator, C/W 2.5T Magnet Attachment, 1.8T Smag Grab Attachment, 24V Batteries, Stabliser Legs, Windscreen Rock Guard
  • Linmac 8-10 10T Yard Crane, 10 Ton Capacity, 6 Cylinder, Perkins winch, Auto, Power shift trans, A/C, ROPS Disc brakes, Winch


  • 2015 Longhorn 90m3 End Tipping Trailer, 90m3 Bin Size, ATM: 42T, Hyva K2162 Ram, Leaf Spring Suspension, Tyres: 265/70R19.5 @ 80%, Cond: Good
  • 2008 MTE Widening Low Loader Float, 3 Rows of 8, Tri-axle Widening Low Loader Float, 80T ATM, Deck Length 13m, Deck Width: 2.5m widening to 4.5m, New Tyres, New Brakes, Underslung Toolboxes, Airbag Suspension, Hydraulic Ramps, 2x Spare Tyres, Isolator, Mod: MTE 49/08.
  • 2014 Howard Porter Extendable Drop Deck Trailer, 2-Stage Hydraulic Ramps, Ring Feder Hitch, ATM: 40t, Tyres: 275/70R22.5 @ 70%, Leaf Spring Suspension, 2x Spare Tyres, K-Hitch Landing Legs, Deck Width 2.5m, Deck Length: 13.4m Standard Extendable to 60ft, 3.9m Neck Length, Solar power pack
  • 2004 Steelbro Side Lifter, Tri-axle Container Side Lifter Trailer, Beacons, Ringfeder Hitch, Tyres: 11R22.5 @ 70%, Exterior Worklights, Spare Tyre, Air Bag Suspension, 43.5T ATM, 2x Underslung toolboxes, Cond: Good, Licensed for WA buyers only – has passed pit inspection.
  • Quad Axle Low Loader, Leaf Spring Suspension, K-Hitch Landing Legs, Spider Rims, Tyres: 9.5R17.5 @ 70%, Hydraulic Ramps, Deck Width: 2430mm, Length: 11m (Excluding Neck, 14.8m Total Length, Condition: VG
  • Low Loader Trailer, 40Ft Bogie Axle Drop deck low loader, Full Width Hydraulic Ramps Dual Solar power pack, Spider Rims, Tyres: 9.5R17.5 @ 50%, 2x Underslung Toolboxes, Deck Width: 2.5m, Length: 9.3m (Bottom) + 3.14m (Top)
  • 1986 Haulmark Split Deck Crane Trailer, Front/Rear Deck Length Each 6.5m x 2.5m, K-Hitch Spider Rims, Underslung toolboxes, Rear Timber Sleeper Cage, Tyres: 11R22.5 @ 80%, Fitted with a palfinger PK12000B Crane, 12T Capacity, 29T ATM, Auxiliary’s powered by a 4cyl Diesel Motor
  • 2007 Howard Porter Flat Top Tipper Trailer, GTM: 47T, Spider Rims, 11R22.5 Tyres@ 40%, Spare Tyre, Maxus Landing Legs, Leaf Spring Suspension, end tipper trailer, Additional 10ft head deck
  • 1989 Boomerang Tilt Slide Trailer, 40ft Flat Deck tilt tray with sliding capability, Hydraulic full width Ramp, Hydraulic Front Stabiliser Arms, Spider Rims, Tyres: 245/70R17.5 @ 70%, Underslung Toolboxes, C/W Winch and cable to deck head.
  • 2000 Intergrated Technology Waste Compactor Trailer, Tri-axle compactorTrailer, 38T ATM, Spider rims, Leaf Spring Suspension, Tyres: 11R22.5 @ 50% Bin Size Approx 9.5m x 2.2m x 2.3m(h)

And More!


Trucks & Light Vehicles

  • 2012 Ford Ranger 2, Dual Cab Ute, Steel Tray, Automatic Transmission, Bullbar, Beacons, Exterior Worklights, Snorkel, Towbar, Spotlights, Mine Spec
  • 2012 Ford Ranger 2 XLS, 4×4 Dual Cab Ute, Automatic Transmission, Tow Bar, Seat Covers, Bullbar, Cond: VG
  • 2011 Mitsubishi Triton KA/KB, Single Cab Ute, Aluminium Tray, Bullbar, Towbar, Manual Transmission, Fitted with a Kevrek 1500 Tray Crane, Checker Plate Toolbox
  • 2004 Ford Courier, Single Cab Ute, Flat Deck Tray, 4×2, Manual Transmission, Bullbar, Towbar, Exterior Worklights, Cond: Good
  • 2005 Isuzu Flatbed Truck, 7 ½ m Steel tray, Ringfeder Hitch, Heavy duty steel gates, 4×2, Manual Transmission, Crew Cab
  • 2010 Mitsubishi Canter Flat Bed, 5T Capacity, 4×2, Manual Transmission, 2010 Tieman 750kg Tail lift, Bullbar, Beacons
  • 1993 Scania P93 Service Truck, This Fire truck has been retrofitted with a 1000L Diesel Fuel tank, 2013 6kva Blue Diamond BD6KVADS-3 On board Generator, 2x D400 diesel motors and pumps, 1800L Water Tank, Aluminium roller storage doors, Tow Ball, Exterior Worklights, and more. Crew Cab, Automatic Transmission, Cond: Good
  • International Acco 2350e Crane Borer Truck, Proline 4-8T Borer Erector body, 6×4, 8T crane, Front Winch (No Wire)
  • 2005 Internation Acco Concrete Agitator, 6×4, 36T GCM, Automatic Transmission, Crew Cab, Fitted w/ 2005 PDD1168 6.5m3 Concrete Agitator Body, External Worklights, Fire Extinguisher, Tyres: 60%, Beacons
  • 2003 Isuzu F3FTR Bin Lifter, Crew Cab, 4×2, Manual Transmission, Tyres: 50%, Leaf Spring Suspension, Fitted with a Palfinger 4T Crane, Telescopic Bin Lifting Arms, Complete with 6x Bins
  • 1995 Mitsubshi FK6 Crane Borer truck, 4×2, Manual Transmission, Underslung toolboxes, Tyres: 70%, Stabiliser Legs, Beacons, Fitted With a Aichi Corporation D501 Bore Hole Auger/Drill, 95-100/3500 (PS/RPM)
  • 1995 International Acco Flat Deck Hiab, 6×4, Allison Push Button Automatic Transmission, Cummins Engine, Bullbar, Spotlights, Beacons, Rock Guard, Tyres: 70%, Flat Deck Approx 6m, Pintle Hoot Hitch, Fitted with a HIAB 850 Crane, 3T GCM


  • 2010 Manitou MT732, Series D-E3, Overhead Protection, Exterior Worklights, C/W Fork Tynes, Static Digging Bucket.
  • 2008 JLG 3509, With forks, Beacons, Cabin Protection, Cond: VG
  • 2007 Genie 4010, Tyres: 50%, C/W Fork Tynes, Digging Bucket, and lifting Jib
  • 2008 Genie 2506, Tyres: 60%, C/W Tynes and Grab Bucket
  • 2007 Genie 2506, 631 Hours, Tyres: 50%, C/W Fork Tynes and HSA Grab Bucket


Goods in this sale will be subject to an 7.15% processing fee (inclusive of GST) dependent on final sale price.

For example: bid price $100 Inc GST + 7.15 % processing fee = 107.15$


For the full TIGER ASSET GROUP Returns Policy, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, please refer to Assets in this sale are sold “As Is, Where Is, With All Faults, If Any”


Plant Hazard Reports will be for the assets being sold. The attached Plant Hazard Report is provided for all generic hand and power tools along with office IT equipment. Clear identification and marking to identify that the plant item is only suitable for scrap or spare parts. TIGER ASSET GROUP advises all buyers that all plant offered for sale at auction may not be fit for use in a workplace. It is the buyers/owners responsibility to ensure that an operational risk assessment is undertaken, prior to use, and the plant be brought to a condition which complies with relevant State Legislation, Regulations and applicable Codes of Practice.

Note: Persons under the age of 18 years will not be permitted onsite. Tradespeople eg; electricians, plumbers, refrigeration mechanics etc will be required to produce the relevant licence before commencing work on site. Riggers, Forklift and Crane Drivers etc will be required to produce the relevant license before commencing work on site.

It is a condition of entry to site that all visitors comply with any directions given by TIGER ASSET GROUP staff or their representatives. Work carried out on this site must be completed in a manner compliant with all Workplace Health & Safety legislation. All power tools and equipment used on site must be tested (tagged) safe for use in accordance with AS3760 service testing and inspection of electrical equipment.

TIGER ASSET GROUP will specify, based on the hazards present on the site, the mandatory personal protective equipment required to be worn prior to approval being given for entry to the site. (eg; safety footwear, safety eyewear, hard hats etc) The use of certified equipment, harnesses, work platforms etc will be required for any work carried out above 1.8metres. Enclosed footwear must be worn onsite – Safety boots will be required at industrial sites. Entry to third party sites will be subject to the site controllers specific site requirements.

Removal of some Items in this sale will require the satisfactory completion of a Safe Work Method Statement by the buyer / buyers representative prior to decommission and removal being undertaken. A copy of TIGER ASSET GROUP’s  Safe Work Method Statement Template can be found HERE.



To collect your purchases, please ensure bring a copy of your winners email or invoice as well photo ID. On the basis you send a third party to collect your goods on your behalf, you will need to send them with a copy of your winners email or invoice, a copy of your photo ID and a signed document authorising to release the goods.


Monday, 23rd July – Friday 27th July 

From 9:00am – 4:00pm (AWST) 

Any items not collected within this period will be deemed abandoned and resold or otherwise disposed of at the cost to the registered buyer. Storage Fees may also apply.

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