Tiger Tracks

Here’s an overview of just some of Tiger’s recent auction, liquidation and appraisal projects.

Wholesale – Notable projects include: Appraised approximately $33 million in assets owned by a distributor of food, electronics and other goods to U.S. prisons…Appraised $23 million worth of inventory for a rice wholesaler with nearly $110 million in annual sales…Appraised a wholesaler of candy, beverages, and other grocery items with approximately $6.5 million of total inventory and $22 million in annual sales.
Retail – Notable projects include: Appraised $99 million in inventories from an upscale jewelry chain operating nearly 30 stores as well as a wholesale division…Appraised a specialty women’s e-tailer with inventory assets of approximately $47 million…Appraised $167 million worth of assets for a nationwide sporting goods chain with almost 50 locations.
Machinery & Equipment – Notable projects include: Appraised more than $4 million in machinery for a regional paper recycling and shredding company…Appraised more than $411,000 worth of construction equipment located at a lumber and building-supply firm… Appraised kitchen equipment for a catering and foodservice provider with 30,000 square feet of cooking space.

Retail – Facilitated the historic closing of the final 39 Loehmann’s locations across the U.S., liquidating over $49 million of inventory…Administered the closings of 46 shops for a purveyor of kitchenware and gourmet merchandise, selling $12 million worth of goods…Coordinated the warehouse liquidation event for a major sporting goods retailer in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. area involving approximately $5 million of inventory…Orchestrated the wind-down of seven stores and $2 million of merchandise for a prominent home furnishings and gourmet foods retailer…Managed the closing of the Twin Cities’ Seven Corners Hardware, featuring a diverse, $5 million inventory of top-tier tools, hardware and building supplies…Continuing the disposition of over $1 million of fixtures, furnishings and equipment for a kitchenware and gourmet foods retailer.
Wholesale—Finalized sealed bid sale of IP, inventory and other assets of Connecticut-based Biotech International Corporation and its flagship DermaSilk brand, a leading line of anti-aging and skincare products with over $25 million in annual sales…Completed 20 transactions involving acquisitions or sales of consumer products with a total wholesale value exceeding $25 million.  Highlights included the purchase of over $4 million of brand-name men’s and women’s fragrances; the liquidation of $3 million of home decor products; as well as sales of building products, watches, women’s apparel, accessories, consumer electronics, and toys.  

Completed – Live webcast auction of assets from 250,000-square-foot solar glass manufacturing plant near Pittsburgh formerly operated by Flabeg Solar U.S. Corp…Two-day live webcast auction of production, packaging, warehouse and laboratory equipment, as well as IP, finished goods and raw inventory from Creation’s Garden, a $50 million nutraceutical and skin care manufacturer based in California…Nationwide online auction of surplus equipment from over 150 Sbarro restaurant locations…Liquidation and online auction of assets from Tandy Brands’ 200,000-square-foot warehouse distribution facility and headquarters in Texas…Online auction of KSL Media’s Los Angeles office equipment and computer/server systems…Online auctions of remaining costumes and props of the New York City Opera, a Dallas-area wireless communications retailer and a Manhattan technology firm.
Upcoming – Live webcast auction of Big Island Carbon, a $50 million macadamia nut- to-activated carbon processing facility in Hawaii…Live webcast auction and sealed bid offering of eight  drilling rigs and support equipment in Texas.