Valuation Report

Our valuation reports provide a comprehensive valuation of the underlying collateral. Each unique report is USPAP-compliant and features the following sections:

  • Valuation Scope
  • Valuation Summary
  • Asset Details
  • Valuation Factors
  • Channels of Distribution & Exit Strategy
  • Company Overview & Field Visit(s)
  • Collateral Monitoring & Advisory Recommendations
  • Supplemental Information
  • 12-Month Liquidation Model (Retail Appraisals)

TIGER ASSET GROUP will customise the valuation report to meet the requirements of any client. This includes providing valuation reports in a timely manner with regular updates and dialogue to provide the highest level of assurance.

Valuation Updates

TIGER ASSET GROUP’S  focus is to provide the client with a highly reliable valuation. After the initial valuation, TIGER ASSET GROUP will constantly monitor the industry, market and any other relevant factors that may affect the valuation. Professionals within our organisation are always available to advise clients of recent trends and potential risks at any time following the issuance of a valuation.

Subsequent valuation updates will highlight recent changes affecting the updated valuation. A detailed analysis comparing the current and previous report is the focus of each valuation update.