Valuation Services

We assist financiers, private equity firms, restructuring professionals and corporates gain a complete understanding of the underlying value of plant, equipment and retail inventory.

With each valuation, we offer clients access to our extensive knowledge base, years of industry experience and  ongoing services beyond the completion of the valuation fieldwork. The relationship with our clients does not end with the valuation. Each new assignment is the beginning of a partnership.

Asset Disposition Experience –  TIGER  has broad experience in dispositions of plant and equipment, retail and wholesale inventory. In the last 2 years, we have managed in excess of  $2B of plant and equipment and retail inventory disposition programs.  At TIGER, individuals responsible for disposition projects are directly involved on all valuation projects. Our ability to leverage disposition experience enhances the accuracy and reliability of our valuations.

Industry-Specific Know-How – Our diverse staff of experienced valuation professionals are matched with specific industry and disposition experience,  guaranteeing a seamless and accurate valuation process.

Restructuring and Advisory Experience – In the Asia Pacific Region, TIGER ASSET GROUP has assembled an experienced team of chartered accountants, workout bankers, specialist valuers, e-commerce innovators and seasoned auction professionals to provide clients with a tailored valuation solution.

Ability to Mobilise Quickly – A valuation is often a complex project performed under tight deadlines. TIGER’S national team of professionals can mobilise immediately to undertake projects of any size.

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